List of Popular Museums in Atlanta

Atlanta’s museums radiantly accentuate the city’s rich and wild history, as well as its rising popularity in America’s art and culture industry. From the College Football Hall of Fame to the Precious art of the High Museum of Atlanta, supporters repeatedly meet with fascinating opportunities for learning and recreational purposes. The solid and visiting sights in Atlanta show fascinating and attention-grabbing exhibits, and the unique programming they deliver is world-class. The High Museum of Art houses several city programs, such as free monthly family programming, free events on the Sifly Piazza, open studio time for teens, and Friday night lectures and live music. Michael Carlos, an ancient museum of art, gives a monthly story session for kids, film screening, workshops for maturer kids, workshops for teachers, and many more. Get to commemorate civil rights with the legendary Martin Luther King Jr at his residence in the Center for Civil and Human Rights, that is among the hundred stations on the United States Civil Rights Trail. Also, the launch of the unique exhibit at Fernbank Museum of Natural History will captivate you. The 8-acres of new adventures deep in the rustic woodlands neighboring the Museum will bring out the family-friendly and exciting ways to examine and appreciate nature. Whether you are a history, special programming, or an art lover, the Atlanta Museums will delight and impress you. Some of the Museums in Atlanta you may want to visit are;

College Football Hall of Fame Museum

Feel the sensational vitality of college football hype from the minute you set your foot in the football-like structure. Your ticket into the structure includes high-tech radio-frequency identification credentials. This chip-enabled ticket makes your museum adventure memorable. From the moment you walk in, photos, Intel, and your favorite football team stats are displayed on kiosks and walls as you find your way across the displays. It also gives you the chance to show off your unique football moves with friends. You will not forget your karaoke fight-song tune to your favorite game. The big game for many visitors and locals is the Chick-Fil skill area. This involves kicking a field goal, running through a coaching program, or participating in the quarterback contest. After such a great experience, explore the theater where the power of college football is at its finest. We recommend The College Football Hall of Fame Museum because of the high-tech tickets that allow locals and visitors to carry the college football adventure home with you. It is the perfect place to dig into the history of college football while creating amazing memories with your friends and family.

Center For Puppetry Arts Museum

If puppets amaze you, you might want to show your love at the Center For Puppetry Arts Museum. Other than often playing host to puppet plays for children and adult performances, it also houses permanent and visiting exhibitions. Encounter examples of a rod, hand puppets, shadow, and marionette as you admire the wide variety of puppetry tools. Entering the museum gives you access to visiting exhibitions that attract visitors of all ages and backgrounds. After a beautiful experience of the museum, make sure you purchase a ticket to the center’s magnificent performances. The newly expanded museum has brought a worldwide collection of Henson’s art to a larger audience, which continues to be the center of the puppetry world. This puppetry museum is one of the only four puppet museums in the States with world-class performances. Also, you can visit the museum for free if you live in Fulton County. Interesting right?

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