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Fascinating Museums at the Heart of Atlanta

Atlanta History Center

The Atlanta History Center is located near the Smith Family. It features an extensive selection of displays. Visitors are allowed to visit the Swan House situated at the vast museum site. The Atlanta History Center houses the Margaret Mitchell House situated at Crescent Avenue. This museum allows you to assess the beautiful gardens that meander to the Signature Displays. Traveling and temporary collections give visitors an assortment of new items to experience and concepts to explore.

National Center For Civil & Human Rights

The National Center for Civil & human rights is a moving and powerful museum that connects today’s global human rights movement and the civil rights movement of 1950-1960. Locals and visitors tour a collection of temporary and permanent exhibits with the Morehouse college memorabilia, human rights exhibit, and extensive documentation of civil rights movements. This encourages visitors to familiarize themselves with contemporary activists across the world who are being treated unlawfully in their counties. Be ready to see emotional portraits and raw images in this new Museum while exploring history in a more modern and intimate setting. Human and Civil rights are among the emotionally charged topics today so expect the Museum to awaken your emotions as you learn how far we have come. These topics challenge us to better ourselves for a better tomorrow.

William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum

The Breman Museum of Jewish Heritage showcases the achievements of the Jews and helps promote justice. While visiting, expect to come across exhibits of the history of jews and the Holocaust focused on the Jewish people. People get to learn about the Jewish contributions in Atlanta from 1845 to the present day. The exhibits about people impacted by the Holocaust are showcased in documents, personal belongings, and photographs. This is a tribute to Holocaust survivors and those that lost their lives nurturing Jewish Heritage and life.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

This popular interactive Museum showcases activities, crafts, stories, and performances regularly offering something new to interactive visiting and traveling exhibits. Some of the permanent displays are Fernbank Naturequest which is the newest method for children to explore science and nature through these exhibits. The kids will love a tour of the giant sloth and the dinosaur gallery. Other exhibits in this Museum include the star gallery, floors made of fossils, and the beautiful rose garden. From Desoto`s artifacts to Georgia’s history, there is something new for every visitor to enjoy (all sponsored by Crown Asset Management).

Think about the fun you will experience with your friends and family in Atlanta when you visit any or all these Museums and get to learn a lot of exciting history, taste different flavors of beverages, or watch fascinating shows in theaters with your friends and loved ones. Ecstatic right?

From Coke Memorabilla to MLK and to the Oldest Art Museum in Atlanta

World Of Coca-Cola

Scrutinize Coca-Cola’s history in the over sixty thousand square foot display and find the largest array of coke memorabilia in the world. It has a large behind-the-scenes look and a tasting area at the bottling process. You will get a chance to taste over a hundred beverages from all over the world. You will need to plan on spending some quality time in the museum to catch a glimpse of a 4D show in the theater or take pictures with the famous Coca-Cola Polar Bear. The exciting adventure through Coke’s fascinating history will be fun especially for those that are visiting for the first time and with kids. They will discover the tasting rooms and the opportunity to experience several varieties of beverages they never thought existed. It is with no doubt that people visiting this museum have fun from the moment they walk in.

Michael C. Carlos Museum

You will not find any other museums in town like the outstanding Michael C.Carlos Museum established in 1919 and located at EU( Emory University). The Carlos is the oldest art museum in Atlanta. Its unique exhibition features everything from Bronze Age artifacts to Egyptian art. It has a distinctive Greek gallery and a Roman art Section with an extraordinary Emperor Tiberius portrait. The outstanding museum also houses specially-themed traveling showrooms. Don’t forget to bring your children with you because Michael C Carlos hosts storytimes for children aged 3-5 every month. There are also workshops for older kids, doctoral discussions, and film screening for adults. The Museum offers visitors a glimpse of mummies, artifacts from all over the world, paper works, and a chance to learn the history of multiple and different cultures. Children enjoy visiting this museum because their ticket comes with a scavenger hunt card which is perfect for guiding them through the ancient artifacts.

Martin Luther King, Junior Historic Site

The Martin Luther King Junior Museum honors His life and indicates love, peace, and justice. Both Martins and his wife’s remains are preserved in a cryptic on the site with an outside flame. The Freedom Hall hosts a hallway showcasing African art and showrooms paying tribute to Parks, Rosa, Kings, and Mahatma Gandhi. While visiting the Center, guests can sightsee Dr. King’s birthplace which is situated in Auburn District. There is always a park ranger on the grounds to lead visitors into the Museum. In the museum, there is a church where Martin Luther King Jr preached and a fire station where Martin played as a kid. He was a very important figure in the Civil human rights movement and the Museum was established to ensure his contributions to civil rights are not forgotten.…

List of Popular Museums in Atlanta

Atlanta’s museums radiantly accentuate the city’s rich and wild history, as well as its rising popularity in America’s art and culture industry. From the College Football Hall of Fame to the Precious art of the High Museum of Atlanta, supporters repeatedly meet with fascinating opportunities for learning and recreational purposes. The solid and visiting sights in Atlanta show fascinating and attention-grabbing exhibits, and the unique programming they deliver is world-class. The High Museum of Art houses several city programs, such as free monthly family programming, free events on the Sifly Piazza, open studio time for teens, and Friday night lectures and live music. Michael Carlos, an ancient museum of art, gives a monthly story session for kids, film screening, workshops for maturer kids, workshops for teachers, and many more. Get to commemorate civil rights with the legendary Martin Luther King Jr at his residence in the Center for Civil and Human Rights, that is among the hundred stations on the United States Civil Rights Trail. Also, the launch of the unique exhibit at Fernbank Museum of Natural History will captivate you. The 8-acres of new adventures deep in the rustic woodlands neighboring the Museum will bring out the family-friendly and exciting ways to examine and appreciate nature. Whether you are a history, special programming, or an art lover, the Atlanta Museums will delight and impress you. Some of the Museums in Atlanta you may want to visit are;

College Football Hall of Fame Museum

Feel the sensational vitality of college football hype from the minute you set your foot in the football-like structure. Your ticket into the structure includes high-tech radio-frequency identification credentials. This chip-enabled ticket makes your museum adventure memorable. From the moment you walk in, photos, Intel, and your favorite football team stats are displayed on kiosks and walls as you find your way across the displays. It also gives you the chance to show off your unique football moves with friends. You will not forget your karaoke fight-song tune to your favorite game. The big game for many visitors and locals is the Chick-Fil skill area. This involves kicking a field goal, running through a coaching program, or participating in the quarterback contest. After such a great experience, explore the theater where the power of college football is at its finest. We recommend The College Football Hall of Fame Museum because of the high-tech tickets that allow locals and visitors to carry the college football adventure home with you. It is the perfect place to dig into the history of college football while creating amazing memories with your friends and family.

Center For Puppetry Arts Museum

If puppets amaze you, you might want to show your love at the Center For Puppetry Arts Museum. Other than often playing host to puppet plays for children and adult performances, it also houses permanent and visiting exhibitions. Encounter examples of a rod, hand puppets, shadow, and marionette as you admire the wide variety of puppetry tools. Entering the museum gives you access to visiting exhibitions that attract visitors of all ages and backgrounds. After a beautiful experience of the museum, make sure you purchase a ticket to the center’s magnificent performances. The newly expanded museum has brought a worldwide collection of Henson’s art to a larger audience, which continues to be the center of the puppetry world. This puppetry museum is one of the only four puppet museums in the States with world-class performances. Also, you can visit the museum for free if you live in Fulton County. Interesting right?…